Monday, June 16, 2014

The Neocon Game Plan Exposed by Wesley Clark and Still a Focus of the GOP and War Industry

General Wesley Clark explains that 911 was to be used as a launching pad for invading seven nations in and around the Middle East. Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran.

This went beyond normal American belligerence and was obviously a plan that had been long desired by the neocons that were running the Bush administration.  Luckily for the whole Middle East, Iraq did not decide to play fair and just be conquered though, of course, our military did defeat their army and round up their leaders, but then the people started taking things into their own hands.

In the face of an ugly invading force that's what needs to be done.

The business interests that went in to "rebuild" were select rich and powerful companies that were overpaid and who under performed, but little was ever clawed back from them.

Even the Koch bros who claim to hate war (as Libertarians though they now fund much of the GOP) made $178 million off the war according to a report, I've seen on the Internet.

So recent happenings in Iraq, of course are being used to push for reinsertion of our military into the nation, with the added benefit of being able to blame Obama.

But the immediate truth is that the Shia and Maliki treated the Kurds and the Sunni terribly after they gained control.

Now they are getting their payback from those whose necks were under their feet for a long time as much as Saddam got his payback from the Shia after his long abuse of their people.

There are other reasons to not re-involve ourselves in Iraq, one of them being that Iraq does not exist in any reasonable world.

Fighting for it's continued existence is stupid and demeans three great peoples of the Middle East.