Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blacks and Hispanics Are Not Happy With How Media Portray Their Communities #Ferguson

Paper wasps are lucky.  They have no media defining them in their world.  They can be what they are.

Excerpt AP report at Blacks, Hispanics have doubts about media accuracy

A new study shows a large majority of African-American and Hispanic news consumers don't fully trust the media to portray their communities accurately, a statistic that could be troubling for the news industry as the minority population of the United States grows.
Three-fourths of African-American news consumers and two-thirds of Hispanics have doubts about what mainstream media report about their communities, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Media Insight Project. And while most say it's become easier to get news generally in the last five years, few feel the same way about news regarding their own community, the survey said.
It does seems like only the crime and the criminals are ever featured in newspapers and on TV news.  Luckily for Hispanics they have Spanish language stations that understand them more, but that doesn't help how they're portrayed to the average non-Hispanic family watching the tube at night.

Funny how mainstream Hollywood forgot about all the money that the Cosby Show, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Sister Sister made them with the general mostly white audience (I think.  I know my kids were raised on those shows, not for diversity sake, but because they were fun, and kid safe.)  As they grew up they chose their own diverse shows.  Something happened with me.  Oh, yeah, the Internet.

I think all people can be upset.  Entertainment tends to put people in good and bad slots, though I notice whites get to be more nuanced and complicated like all people are, in real life.

The boxes that Hollywood put us in may be one of the main factors in it's losing share of our after hours preoccupation.

The writers, financiers, and producers should pay attention.

Read rest of AP report by clicking on link above. All of this has been commentary except title in link and indented portion in post.

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