Friday, September 12, 2014

George Zimmerman Threatens Another Person in Florida

The News Media should talk to Z'man's cousin pictured here (not the guy on the swing) concerning the out of control former phony neighborhood watch captain. (Attribution for picture at bottom.)

George Zimmerman has another run-in with the law
The news site seemed to offer an embed on this, but using their code we got just a less accurate link instead. The video is available at the linked WSVN page.

 More News:  The Z'man, feeling his oats since his abysmal "Not Guilty" verdict actually asked the other driver if he knew who he was just before threatening to kill him.  So apparently he's watching FOX News and identifying with the Wassilla Hillbillies.

 The whole story (how he also just happened to show up the next day at a place the other driver was, and pictures of Z'man 'splaining things to the cops at The Daily Mail.

'I will f**king kill you. Do you know who I am?' George Zimmerman is accused of threatening to shoot driver in road rage incident

Certainly after the first incident would have been a great time to drug test Trayvon's killer, but I guess he wasn't around when the cops talked to the other driver.  The second time Z'man was able to show he wasn't stalking so, unfortunately that probably blocked the police from testing him.

I like that source since it shows a picture of the other driver showing that Z'man has become an equal opportunity threat.

And don't forget he likes to molest young women too. 

Congrats, Florida, you have your own  Lake Mary Hillbilly at large in your streets.

This adds proof that Z'man was not an endangered lone "watchman" one night in February years ago, but a typical neighborhood bully who should not have firearms available to him.

Picture above used via Creative Commons License Attribution (CC by 2.0) thanks to Flickr user DSC_6961pp who has no connection to this blog or blogger.