Thursday, August 14, 2014

Your Lying News Media At Work. Protestors Pick Up Smoke Canister. AP Accuses Them of "Attempting to Light Molotov Cocktail"

I'm going to have to steal viciously from Charles Johnson's Twitter feed. @Green_Footballs
I do recommend people follow him.  You may be more liberal or conservative, but what he says has quite a bit of credibility.

He's the one who caught the AP in a tremendous lie that I'm going to assume was passed by the ST Louis Co cops to them, that Ferguson protesters were creating dangerous incendiary devices.  I guess AP reporters don't want to get arrested like their colleagues at al Jazeera.

(BTW, I believe you need bottles for Molotov cocktails so they'll break and spread the burning gasoline further faster.  The metal  canister shown here would simply burn and maybe leak a little from  from the mouth.)  #SMH

I have set a link under the picture below to go to the AP report in question since a picture of a link doesn't work under normal circumstances. Or try this identical link.  I could only find one picture, so Johnson was looking at another one that I haven't seen, but I find him generally trustworthy.

Sorry, autolinks I've set up through cannot be stopped or started without hours of delay so we will be spamming Johnson's work to Twitter.  I just want this recorded somewhere semi permanently available, which is not something one gets from a Twitter feed.  If LGF publishes a report on this. I will delete links to my report.