Thursday, August 21, 2014

Video Shows Darren Wilson Tromping Around Scene Right After Killing of Michael Brown, Black Eye Missing Though Fox Claims Busted Eye Socket.

One thing the face, is famous for is bleeding when damaged.  Whether under or over the skin, blood comes gushing out causing incredible bruising or frightening blood loss that is hard to tame.

Think of how easy it is to get a nose bleed and the extraordinary measures your mom took and made you take, like staying inside when you got one (if she was like mine).

I guess the face's tendency to bleed internally or externally is due to the tough skull material just below the surface, leaving little cushion a blow before things break.

A punch in the gut may feel horrible, but all those spongy insides reduce the tendency for vessels to break.

Not so with the face, especially around the eye where young skin tends to be pretty taut.

Yet, if you watch the video above you can see Officer Darren Warren pace around Mike Brown's body with normal flesh colored eye sockets.  An orbital blowout has to be much worse than the average cause of a black eye, but Warren shows no sign of one either in looks or actions.

Given that the incident  may point to stimulant use by the officer (in an apparent lack of ability to stop his abnormal reaction, aka aggression until his gun was unloaded into Brown's body) he may well have been walking around, but the bruising of a an orbital blowout should be apparent right away.

There has been a serious problem with how "information" on this case has "leaked out" with officials going on Fox News propaganda system and  telling their "story" to ultra partisan Alex Jones.  People supposedly at a convenience store just happening to catch video of an altercation between a store manager and supposedly Mike Brown lifting some cigarillos, though other video shows him paying for them.

The news system is more a collection of he said, she said than actual digging out of truth.

That's why we citizens have to think without prejudice and find out as much as we can ourselves.

Hint to some: That means turning off Fox News and other right wing sources.

It's kinda disappointing that CNN has just announced that, in fact, Wilson had no such injury, but also validating (though the officer did have swelling on his face).

Charles Johnson has a video on that report here.