Friday, August 29, 2014

#Ferguson Area Police Learn Why You Don't F*ck With Reporters

An actual picture, apparently of Ferguson, Missouri, I found down below the tractor pics and photos of comedians and other folks with the name. It looks like a business district and therefore was better than people's houses I thought. Attribution at bottom of post.

It was astonishing learning what the Ferguson police thought was appropriate behavior towards journalists.

As a non-journalist, even I was shocked, but now members of FPD are finding out what happens when you push around reporters.

They have tools  to dig stuff up on you and your past, and they have connections to have that information published.

Apparently pot bellied cops aren't too smart either, especially the losers hired in Ferguson.

I posted on Twitter about this just earlier, but wanted a permanent like on the web about it, among the other important reports.


Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma Hog-Tied And Injured A Young Child, Lawsuit Alleges

Picture of downtown Ferguson clipped using Windows Snipping Tool and  used via Creative Commons License Attribution (CC by 2.0) thanks to flickr user Paul Sableman who has no connection to this blog or blogger.