Monday, August 19, 2013

The Truth About Food Stamps

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Typical right wing BS starts this video,..  The Congressman  finds a father who works hard for a living and wife that isn't fat because she mixes in just enough hamburger or even beans to the spaghetti and cheap sauce to keep the family healthy and then he uses that example to actually claim that the couple is committing food stamp fraud because they can get a decent exercise outfit out of the thrift store at 1/10th of a discount store). (but don't worry because he's probably lying anyway as Reagan once did over the "young buck buying steak" and "welfare queens" he often talked about. (We forgive the former president  because of his Alzheimer's problems that began to affect his thinking decades before his death.)

Funny how the GOP is starting this jihad against the poor, right after they forced millions of women into childbirth of mouths they can't feed, since their creepy anti-abortion laws have made it nearly impossible, especially for working class and poor women to get an abortion.

Of course they want to change the subject so they can win the next election, even though they have harmed women, men, and their families with their anti-woman jihad but all they have to do is get the white men and women to blame minorities and the young and they surge back to more power in 2014! (plus they have their installed state wide Gerrymandering gambits, but they need an excuse for winning n inordinate number of races).  Notice the front row of the Congressman's audience is all white women.  Women of all types have been particularly hard hit by repeated attacks by the Republican party on what used to be called the middle class, but is increasingly the working class as GOP policies took money from the middle class (by destroying unions, refusing to raise the minimum wage, throwing out massive tax cuts for fat cats who then buy up and install an increasingly affluent white male Congress and state legislatures and expand proven Gerrymandering to keep them that way).  Then they stand up there pretending that they are working class too though the US gives each US Congressman $170,000 per year or more (I haven't kept up with the boosts for inflation) for about less than 30 weeks of work, and reimburses for all their necessary travel to attend to their legislative duties in DC and at home, and get a stipend they can use for DC residence though that money isn't dependent on how or where they live which is why some live in their offices. 

( Former Rep Ron Paul was allegedly accused by a former supporter of double dipping by getting money from a group the advocated for him and the US Treasury-- which the former Congressman says was a mistake and fixed -- I don't mean to claim Congressman Paul acted unethically, but with all the whining by Congress about how their salaries have to cover travel, and a DC address, I had thought the folks needed that $170+k. )

See Salaries and Benefits of U.S. Congress Members for up to date information.

At least now the GOP can't be so obvious about the race of aid recipients.  We were too quiet in the 80s, because we didn't have the Internet to talk back to the Mainstream news that wouldn't fight the battle for truth and risk their big salaries.  Now at least they have to let their racist followers decide in their own mind that aid recipients are of dark skin, and show one white surfer on food stamps to imply there is a massive scamming of the program.

What is actually creepy, is that more and more farms are owned by mega corporations, and farm subsidies have been shown to promote scamming by farmers big and small with the plowing of unusable land to get more money (a gambit I bet is used more by corporations than family based farm groups). but farm subsidies have to be increased while GOP candidates get as close to the Strapping Young Buck and Welfare Queen crap fed to ailing President Reagan and from him to the public in the 80s and plot to take away food stamps from struggling families.