Friday, August 9, 2013

Lawrence O'Donnell Questions NYT Reporter Charlie Savage on His Revelations of NSA Spying on Emails

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First of all, man does Mr. Savage look tired. His probable long lesson in patience in school due to his last name, must have served him well yesterday. He probably was on every news show beamed from New York -except FOX which doesn't deal with facts only allegations and innuendos.   I think this discussion explains and demystifies the latest NSA outrage, and explains the latest revelations in a straight forward manner.  It doesn't seem so awful to me.  And I helps me forgive the NYT for Judith Miller's  trolling for the Bush administration (probably inspired by a need to "make a name for herself" rather than GOP dollars or promises, but still).

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"Here's a link to Savage's NYT piece in case you want to read it for yourself.