Thursday, August 22, 2013

Proven: There is Secret Database of Gunowners! Guess Who Owns It. Video, With Explanation

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All this time Wayne La Pierre has been warning about a secret database being built to be used to harm your and your family's life or lifestyle, and he was right!  He knew, because his group owns that data base!

The NRA uses the list, possibly with your name on it, to convince corrupt politicians that you are a mindless right wing beast that will vote for those who cut gun control (because you crave going on TV to talked about you murdered innocent loved ones, maybe?), give massive tax cuts to the Romney-Koch Brother class, and cut assistance to the poor and the -- already paid for by each working person through tax -- Social Security (proof here that you have paid for up to 40 years full income Social Security by retirement), even though those government actions would actually cost middle and low income people their jobs rather than boosting the economy.

There is apparently no way to get off the NRA list of gun owners.

If you won't or can't view the video, what else you need to know is:

The NRA not only collects the names, etc of their own members (at $30 a year, membership is less membership than a magazine subscription and a way to sell your personal info to advertisers and political groups) but gun safety classes from NRA verified instructors often required by state governments -- attendance at guns shows, and, I'm guessing, regular gun stores. 

There may be no way to get your name off the data base.

The video above explains.

An important point is that what a group knows about your private life can be used to lie to you in without rebuttal by opponents or verification from the media.

Now it becomes clear why so many think Obama is a fascist coming to take their guns, a barrage of propaganda from the NRA and right wing political groups to cover the fact that they have the secret list of gun owners which they use to sell to interest groups and to influence government themselves.

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