Monday, May 13, 2013

Is Gun Violence Becoming All Too Common? Who Shoots Up a Mother's Day Parade?

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Though many of us decry the swamp of guns in our cities leading to tragedies like the mass shooting at an impromptu Mother's Day parade (one of many spontaneous musicians and followers parades that can spring up so delightfully in New Orleans) some causes run very deep.

It is well known that animals like small rodents facing increasing restrictions of space, food, and  other  needs will become randomly violent as their suffering becomes greater.  And the rodents don't even have the extra impetus a chance of making extra money by selling contraband (which then others want to steal, and because one can't call the cops to get their illegal stuff back, the ever present gun comes out).  Thank NRA executive vice president Wayne La Pierre for making sure there's always a gun around when someone wants to shoot someone.

But there are other problems too, like letting billionaires pay almost no taxes, and a pathetic minimum wage and stuff the rest of us into a filthy hot and cramped box until humanity becomes distorted like a suffering, unmanageable violent scrum.

I can't wait for the first Republican to say that what we really need is a go invasive war to clean out our ghettos.  (Of course the last one did nothing but increase suffering, but the GOP doesn't let the truth get in the way of killing people by the thousands).