Thursday, May 16, 2013

Another Vote on Repealing Obamacare

Of course it's going nowhere, but that never stops John Boehner from drunk posturing on the subject.
BTW, they only work 126 days a year, and they spend some of them on this? I gues anything is better  than working for the American working folk

BTW, a normal work week and two weeks of vacation time off means Americans with that schedule work 250 days a year, but the House recently voted to create a flex time option which would actually mostly void work day and weekly limits.  Many people who do work with those guidelines, say they seldom get time off to make up for the overtime, and BTW, healthy food doesn't come from the fast food joint so it is important to make adequate time for parents to get home and fix dinner. If one parent goes home and watches sports or Oprah instead that's the problem of their family, but the government should not be handing this time to employers for the same rate as the rest of the day.