Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Former Man Made Climate Change Skeptic Funded by the Koch Bros. Says He's Now Convinced It's ManMade

If this video turns into a video about surfing or something else again the original can be viewed directly from MSNBC here.

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Though he now admits that Climate Change is man made, he asserts it is very small and that we can fix things by expanding fracking.  I think he's still working for the Kochs whose "small business" as John Boehner likes to call it (though they make billions every year) is likely into fracking now.  BTW, this scientist claims China can't afford to switch to alternative energy?  Um they are the ones pushing American companies out of solar by developing their own cheaper products, so that's not true. What is likely is that China is developing solar to sell to Europe and the US, while it can continue to use cheaper Gobal Warming technology. The Koch brothers would like US money probably to push natural gas from fracking in the developing world. And yes they are involved in providing for fracking. And also seem to have investments in industries that are making direct money from the process.

Above are two illustrations of the hockey stick chart that shows the temperatures of the last 1000 years.  The bottom part shows the differences by the different sources. Even if the change is small, it is accelerating quickly.  So, yes, I think this guy is still being manipulated by the wishes of the Koch brothers.