Monday, May 28, 2012

New Ad From Karl Rove and "Willie Horton" Creator Once Again Promotes Unreality

More dishonest tricks from the Republicans. But since they're against VAWA, covering contraception (in fact contraception itself), and the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, Mom, under Republican rule, could be covered with bruises, have 15 children living with her, and, well, they got the "can't afford to retire" part right. Too bad Republicans spent the last 3.25 years stomping out any stimulus they could, including fixing our roads and bridges. That's the main reason there hasn't been a better recovery from the recession that their last president's policies caused. Now Karl Rove and the Willy Horton ad creator have new lies for swing state residents. Are you going to blindly follow them down the rabbit hole again, knowing they have a string of wars they want to get to? Video used with permission implied by MSNBC explicitly offering the embed code. (This applies to all MSNBC videos used so far. I will try to remember to make the same statement on all future ones I use.)