Friday, May 18, 2012

Raw Video: Trayvon Martin At Seven-Eleven on Night of His Murder

I watched one report in which the newscaster started talking about how much taller Trayvon was than Zimmerman and suggesting that Zimmerman might have had a reason to be scared for his life.  But the truth is that Zimmerman has a history of attacking women and even messing with a cop so I'm finding the raw footage of the Seven Eleven better than any newscaster pandering to the right on the case.

It is also true that the volunteer neighborhood watch captain had a prescription for an amphetamine product on the night he killed the teen.  It was a prescription product for hyperactivity, but might still have made the man too quick to react, but it's also true that the people killed in Stand Your Ground cases seem to be of darker skin than the shooters.  And Zimmerman has had problems with inappropriate impulses in years earlier, including attacking a unknown woman as a bouncer, attacking an earlier girlfriend so that police had to be called, and behaving so inappropriately to another officer that he was arrested for disorderly conduct.  I don't think his actions after a police officer all but warned him not to follow Trayvon Martin were at all appropriate.  And other people have asked why doesn't the mainstream news system validate Trayvon's  right to stand his own ground even if he didn't have a gun.

Gun-nuttery seems to be rampant in Florida especially among our white brothers.  I think the ridiculous Stand Your Ground law part of the problem.  If George Zimmerman gets off without a decent sentence in this case, the problem is only going to get worse.