Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Romney Goes There! Calls For Voucher School Expansion

Imagine the creepiest way that a presidential candidate could use to try to hurt the greatest number of  women who work outside the home in one fell swoop, and Romney has just gone there.

Privatized voucher schools often pay less that normal school systems as a salary, and actually require teachers to work longer hours at school, after which they have to do all the work that teachers do extra on their spare time and often on their own dime for supplies.

Most of the teachers in my county's privatized schools are just working there until they can get into public schools because of the long hours and bad salaries.  The owners describe it as all the teachers in their system working longer hours because they love their jobs so much, but when you hear from the teachers it's simply because they need the jobs, especially since  the various cities have accepted so many charter schools that public schools have had to cut back.

And now can we talk about the war on women who work outside the home by the GOP.  This is ground central because women dominate the employee numbers of  primary education and to a lesser extent of public community colleges (for the same quality of teacher in the latter as I remember my early college days.).

Every voucher school pays teachers less than a comparable public school.

Yes, its a war on working women even if they don't work at a school or any public job because it you lower the wages for a major part of their work force, they can be lowered for women throughout the workforce with increased impunity because there will be less reward or maybe even no reward for the extra education and work involved in teaching.  This is how you  hurt women and be able to extract more money for fat cats, too.

When I used to read the New York Times, they did an expose' on the wages of charter school principals.  At least one was over $300k, while teachers were making much less than public school teachers.  Even at that the voucher schools were often using public school property piggy backing on the public system and then they claim it's cheaper to create and run voucher schools, but they don't have to buy or even pay rent on any property!

So voucher school advocates lie!

Also read Romney's creepy almost honest assessment of why he doesn't like public schools and their unions.  It's so political you can smell the stench a mile away.

Romney to propose voucher-like education overhaul