Thursday, May 24, 2012

Romney Wants a Vice President Like Cheney

Mitt Romney wants a vice president like Dick Cheney. Could he find anyway more certain to assure Americans of  a presidency of  "Dubya 2".   He's also called for "fixing" Iran which is likely to go about as well as fixing Iraq did. Trillions in debt (when all injuries are fixed or paid for with a few American oil companies getting some contracts to work with other ones extracting Iraqi Oil.  

We also got,but did not want a destabilized Middle East, all set up for our buddy Israel to demand we go save their *sses once more, and then again, meanwhile expanding their territory or influence at the expense of trillions of dollars to ourselves.  No wonder the Raging Right blogger minions are making up conspiracy theories about White House pictures being "photoshopped".  Their true agenda must be carefully hidden under piles of manure and squeaked out to the proper people in code, like admiring dick Cheney.