Friday, July 18, 2014

Phil Gingrey Wins Pants on Fire Award for Claims that Migrants Across Southern Border could Bring In Ebola Virus

Notice he's not even speculating.  Dr Gingrey claims he's heard of "reports".  Obviously his constituents and others are supposed to be too stupid to know he's lying.

As a medical doctor he should know how quickly ebola kills, and how debilitating it is.  Did anyone see people rushing a sretcher over the border so a dying soul just flown in from Africa can give up the ghost in the US?

Dr. Gingrey demeans the valiant doctors and nurses fighting to keep people in Africa alive, and sometimes losing their own for it despite extreme care to avoid dangerous exposure.  He demeans Americans as well, thinking they are too stupid to figure this out.

But the Koch bros and other Big Money right wing donors will dump money into his re-election campaign for this attack on the truth and the Obama administration.

That is one thing he does know.

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