Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pew Resaearch Title "Concerns about Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Middle East" Hides the Hope In it's Message

Fishing in Lebanon.  The results are likely  be better than invading the nation in a clumsy effort to impose one's will on it and grab land.  The US learned all about that in Vietnam, and remembered it too, until Republicans got control again in the early years of this century.

Maybe there's some real point in making a Danger Will Robinson title for a report on good news like in Concerns about Islamic Extremism on the Rise in Middle East

I guess the more people you get to read your report, the more people you inform.

It still seems a little like a Medicine Man style huckstering.

In fact, concern is rising because approval of violent activists is subsiding just about everywhere.

Though Israel is portraying its Gaza action as being due to high support of Hamas' Jihadists.among Gazan residents.  That is not shown on the Pew Research polls.  Sixty-six percent of Arabic Israelis say they are concerned about Hamas' extremism. Concern indicates nearly the opposite of approval.

And al Qaeda approval is disappearing like snow in spring if not summer. Interestingly the area where it is almost the highest is in the Palestinian Territories where a muslim population feels threatened by an occupying majority of "others" that is actively practicing land theft where it can.  Even in the Palestinian territories, though, support for al Qaeda is declining.

The highest support for a "terrorist group" is among the Shia for Hezbollah in Lebanon, possibly because the Shia gain the most from associations with the group that may include jobs.

So it seems that the way to reduce terrorism still further is to make sure people have good job and living choices in their own lands, and that they don't feel threatened or impoverished by external or internal sources.

The real terror creating entities could be noted to be greed and interference from outsiders, and the resulting poverty among the masses of people.

Picture above used via Creative Commons License Attribution CC by 2.0 thanks to Mohannad Khattab at Flickr.com.