Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh Hey, Big Biz, Great Work on Arizona's SB 1062. But Please Notice All the Bills Against Minority and Women's Rights, Too

Above picture from AZ state fair.

Fairs and carnivals rely on tricking the eye into seeing great things through cheap and easily obtained goods.  So do business and politics.

Big Business has just shown that it has the key to ending that practice.  It's time for them to use it!

And though SB1062 had to be stopped to protect a decent administration of democratic ideals, many more bills have been passed and/or allowed to remain on the books that directly harm women and minorities and therefore their children too.


From an earlier posting on my other blog that is inferior to this host, except that they allow me to write via app:

A lot of big names contacted the governor to veto the bill according the article linked here

Funny, why couldn’t they also have stopped anti women legislation that the GOP have been recently installing? 

Those are similar religion versus human rights fights.

Really!  Excuse Me!  We’re here too!!!!

I do not wish less for my gay friends and relatives, nor for those I don’t know, but why can’t business & the NFL threaten states over women’s rights to freedom from unwanted, unaffordable, pregnancy, and hey, pushed harder to end discrimination of minorities and women for the last few decades?

It was likely the ability of the haters to earlier push and enact such hateful legislation aimed at crippling womens’ rights based on religion that led to legislators thinking they could also cause great harm to our LGBT members and friends and their families.

It’s time for business to stand up for women, and, BTW, minority and ex prisoners rights.
Those celebrities who pushed on business to defeat SB1062  please help defeat the other great injustices pushed into law both recently and in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Intel, Microsoft, Apple, NFL, BofA, and all the rest of the business community.  It’s time to show you’re not hypocrites.  Stand with real Americans as we really are.

Yes, it will benefit your bottom line too:

Income inequality is built with all these prejudices and harmful laws and that is very bad for business!!  The wealthy would rather buy Congress members and state government officials, not your products.

Now that you’ve seen how awful religious dictates and backward looking practices in our government are, fight to end them for ALL OF US!

And stop giving campaign contributions to those who vote to keep and increase the inequality.

You've shown you can hit those home runs and will, even at the cost of a little blowback from a few "Christian" groups.  It's now time to show you care about all of us.

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One example of ongoing discrimination against women is the laws aimed at denying them access to abortion and even aid for women who self induce after Texas cut availability of birth control and caused a disappearance of all abortion providers in their state:  Help in South Texas For Women Who Self Induce Abortion Disappearing.