Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lawrence O'Donnell's First Word on Wayne La Pierre's Friday Speech.

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I have no words left for how creepy La Pierre is, but his salary is more than 99.94% of Americans. That is what he is protecting, not you. O'Donnell has other things to say about La Pierre's creepy cash cow.

Data on Wayne La Pierre's income classification

I used Think Progress report on how many Americans make over $1 m per year from late Oct 2011,  I had severe trouble finding what meager percent earned that amount last week when I was trying to write a post on John Boehner's proposal to only raise taxes on those making over $1 million a year so I jumped on the TP report's data.  I also used info from on Nov 2011 summary report for size of the civilian work force and from Wikipedia on the size of the US military in 2010 to add the non civilian work force.

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Things Bill @Bill_Lenner and I @CA_Lady tweeted today (besides auto send from posting today's posts here and at tumblr.

It's only $35 a year to join NRA That's a magazine subscription and gigantic sign saying "Spam Me with Gun Ads!" not a real non profit.
Info on the above came from the NRA website as I accessed it this morning.

The #NRA is the desperate "cheap date" of nonprofits.

Wayne La Pierre's $1m/yr salary is more than the earnings of 99.94% of Americans' That's what he's really protecting.

I heard years ago that the#NRA was throwing life memberships at NRA members who were driven away by their new r/w cow piles. Sry no link

RE…Good idea. Put a teacher in every gun store, one fully versed in teaching common sense, and shut it down...

Aspergers syndrome is not a dangerous mental illness, but Schizophrenia often emerges in late teens early 20s. #newtown shooting

(I Hope we weren't too ignorant on that.  I'm just tired of hearing that the Aspergers made Adam Lanza kill those kids .)

I've seen gun lockers going for $150 even in affluent So California. If a person buys a $700 gun they can buy a gun locker or they shld wait 

There were two armed officers trying to stop the Columbine shooting and they could not. See:Columbine High School Had Armed Guard During Massacre In 1999