Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Constitutional Crisis

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You may be able to see on the right two states that I analyzed recently "Popular Posts" Pennsylvania and Louisiana, and another one in Blog Archive for Florida (also available at the links in the sentence).

I was working on Michgan's loss of voting rights, and will continue to do so, to show Wolverines how their GOP have taken away them away and that's why they can take their union rights.  I plan to  continue with other states.  It is not true that Southern states are immune because of the "Civil Rights Act" as some liberals claimed earlier.  I will also put up the part of Rachel's video that shows why this theft of voting rights is so important (even beyond the anti union measures).  Rachel covered that well.

Indeed many Americans' rights have been disappeared.  That's why we have to give our money to fat cats so they can take our jobs to China and then we have to fight wars for Israel.  The election theft of 2000 was so beautiful and they got 2 wars for it!  That's what they call success and they are looking for that kind of power again.  People understood after seeing so many die how bad not voting is.  (Yet right wingers on Twitter were claiming that state legislatures and the US House of Representatives went Republican simple because Democrats stayed home and didn't vote.  That is, of course, BS.  Obama wouldn't have won the states if Dems stayed home.  And as Rachel showed (and I was thinking the other day) you can show that voters specifically voted for Democratic representatives more than Republican ones by adding up all the races in the state.  I can't find the state legislature numbers tonight, but I'll try to get the US House seats analysis done really quickly.

We have to get active and stop this, right now.  Your life, or your kids, or grandkids lives are at stake.

We can't stop wars if our rights are being disappeared.

In a final note:  I'm from California. We faced our own inequalities a few years ago, actually pushed by the governor who shall not be named.  Okay, I'm kidding.  I've maligned our action hero Gubernator a lot, but the redistricting by special panel that I was so worried about worked out well and wasn't hijacked by conservatives.  It did increase the number of Democratic seats in both the state legislature and the US House from our state.  The redistricting panel was specifically set up to have two representatives for each major party, a few set aside specifically for minor parties, and then some for our minority groups.  Obviously, some of those minority groups were going to be representaed by either Republicans or Democrats most likely Democrats because the GOP has made a long term practice to chip away at rights to minorities and less affluent people.  If you do that, guess what, those minorities are going to  not like your party.  California got its democracy back.  Other states should do the same, because there are big money interests who want you to pay them more in tax cuts and go to war for them.

And all our middle class and poor families, and young adults have are our votes.  Our votes have to represent us.  And if one party is able to disappear our votes with Gerrymandering.. That's the worst Constitutional Crisis we've ever faced in my lifetime, and probably underlies all the other problems we have.

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