Thursday, December 13, 2012

Michigan Your GOP Has Reduced You to Slave Level In Your National Voting Power

Michigan.  At least each  of your citizens is worth 3/5ths of a person, the proverbial value given to slaves in national representation before the Civil War.  That means you're doing 50% better than the 2/5ths of a person that citizens of Louisiana have been rendered and 140% better than 1.24/5ths of a person that the GOP have made the people of Pennsylvania.

This is at the national level only,  I am still researching your statewide representation, but now that even the Detroit Free Press has acknowledged you are losing your representative rights I'm guessing your statewide representation is just as bad, if not worse. (The news media is more and more dependent on the money of billionaires and everyone from the editor to the gofer knows it.  They only admit to having a clue about the take over of our government by the people who give the their paychecks when it becomes more than obvious that everyone is going to know soon anyway.)

** Maddow has shown in a video that it is nearly as bad at the state level too.  In fact more Michigan citizens voted for Democrats in the state legislature than for Republicans this, but your state House will still be Republican because of self interested Gerrymandering of the GOP. This can be changed, by referendum, I  assuming, because the SCOTUS decided that redistricting can be done at any time.  I am also told that the increased Democratic presence in the Michigan House along with moderate Republicans may be enough to overturn the decisions made by this lame duck session.  If not, I'm sure the people of Michigan will take action.  Hopefully even recalling Rick Snyder before the end of his turn.

I find DFP's posturing as if they just discovered criminally abusive government in Lansing to be amusing if not outrageous.  I guess they were too busy cashing their nice paychecks from their fat cat backers and spending the money to look around and see how their readers were getting mauled by the GOP which took a heavy majority in the 2010 elections through lies and previous Gerrymandering and then made it much worse or to run the numbers and discover they were helping to end democracy in Michigan.  Taking away citizens rights do not create jobs that give their citizens a decent lifestyle, it creates modern day slavery as everyone but the racists can now see, even the sold out "mainstream" press.

But how did we come to the conclusion that Michigan's citizens' rights are being taken away at the federal level?

By checking the discrepancy between the presidential vote in the state and the percentage of the total number of Congressional seats each party has won.

Obama won the state of Michigan 54.3% to Mitt Romney's 44.8%.  We can reduce personality foibles leading to decisions by adding the alternative liberal and conservative 3rd percentages to the main presidential candidates'.  "Liberal" candidates then won 54.7% of the votes in Michgan for president and more "Conservative" ones 45.3%.

Yet Democrats won only 5 seats out of 14.

One of the likeliest places that defined Gerrymandering took place was around Detroit.  Congressmembers John Conyers and Gary Peters  both won with over 80% of their vote, while two neighboring  Republican Congressmembers won with only 50.8% and 58.3%.   Meanwhile Congressman John Dingell won with 67.3% of the vote, while his neighboring Congressional incumbent, Tim Walberg won with only 53.3%.  Well you say that's just the luck of the draw.  No, it may be about drawing, but not about luck.

Look to the left. Those neat boxes within Michigan's mitten shape  and northwestern extension are it's counties. Simple nice utilitarian boxy shapes.

Now look to the right.  Those crazy shapes are Michigan's US House Districts.  There is nothing utilitarian about them.  They're like a jigsaw puzzle.   Why?  Apparently to maximize Republican control of the US House of Representatives.  Funny because we learned in high school government class that the House of Representatives was the people's house which better followed the  wishes of Americans, but if GOP candidates do not have to do the people's will, that is all gone and we are left with our weaker hold on the Senate, because GOP House members can sell our rights to their fat cat backers.  Now do you understand why we non wealthy citizens pay billionaires in tax cuts to take our jobs to China, and why 70% of Americans were against invading Iraq, but we went anyway?

One more point:  GOP members may think they are getting a good deal by this Gerrymandering, but if they can't change their mind and still have the same level of rights, then they do not have those rights in the first place.

This is not just a student's study problem.  They can impoverish us and even kill us, our children, our parents, and our spouses or other loved ones, because they first destroyed our voting rights.

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