Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ask Veterans if Bernie Sanders is Better for America. His VA (In)action Shows How He'd MakeOver HealthCare.

Bernie Sanders is running hard for the Democratic nominations to the point of calling people in in states that have so far chosen Hillary Clinton "Red Staters, and therefore of no value to him and his wife. In fact their wording implies all states that will vote for Ms Clinton are damaged goods, "red staters" despite that fact that in California Hillary is running 15 percentage points above the Senator. That's just my state. I'll check more later. I know my state. We aren't easily fooled and haven't gone red since 1988's Reagan afterglow elected GHW Bush.

It's going to be a long nomination run so smacking at California may seem to be a good idea to Bernie now, but his nasty treatment of us isn't going to endear him to the "Left Coast". More importantly though Bernie Sanders has grandiose ideas of remaking Obama's signature achievement, the ACA. You'd think he could find a project for himself, but hey,, go with messing with what your predecessor did, because somehow that guy didn't gt it right. Bernie says he'll do it better. In fact, his plan was actually supposed to be a VA for all kind of deal, until it was revealed his Senate VA committee was ignoring huge problems with the VA to the point that it was killing Vets. Then Bernie sprang into action -- to change the meme of his universal health plan that would destroy the ACA to "Medicare for All"

Change the name and glory in the adulation as he and Jane ride in AF1 and the presidential limousine in the glory they so deserve. But Bernie had his chance with the VA and he failed apparent;ly because he wasn't sufficiently inspired to keep veterans safe. After all they aren't Senators or their children in general. The press will not make any but the barest hint of his complicity, but there is this one report. When you add it to other reports of Veterans dying, you can see what Senator Sanders really is: Someone who believes he was born to be at the top. We used to call them princes and kings....

Now we're hopefully more cynical.