Friday, February 15, 2013

Why We Pay So Much For Internet Access And CellPhones And Get Bad Service When "We the People" Own the Internet

Also remember that at the time when we could have shaped our Internet futures with informed decisions, our minds and news system were consumed wwith dealing with the "War on Terror", Dick Cheney's neocon manifesto was controlling our destiny because we allowed his party to "win" the election and then start two wars. Americans must demand better use of our resources from our government.

*The core of the problem is that our political and news system is run by the money of the billionaires and PACs very few of which are working for our good. If we all pressure together, though, we might get some action.

Contact your Congressional "leaders" via instructions at  (the official website of Congress --named after Thomas Jefferson).  Tell them you want them to use our resources for us, not for the benefit of their billionaire and multi-millionaire backers and you won't take no for an answer.  We don't need to be the third world of the Internet!

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