Friday, February 1, 2013

False Arguments Are Used By Those Who Want to Protect Assault Weapons

In Agrigento, Sicily (Italy), Dorian Pillars Have Been Standing Their Ground Since the 5th Century BC. What were they protecting? They can't even say anymore.

At the Senate hearing on Assault weapons control this week a Gun Lobbyist Gayle Trotter used the case of Sarah McKinley an 18 year old woman with a 3 month old baby who defended herself and her child from an intruder with a large knife with a 12 gauge shotgun, which is not an assault weapon, or one of the weapons that Democrats are seeking to have banned.  See more:

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The case of Marissa Alexander took place in Florida and was mentioned a lot after the murder of Trayvon Martin since, though she didn't hit her husband whom she believed was about to grievously attack her, she received a very disproportionate sentence (20 years as noted above) even if she was apparently (to everyone but the jury) appropriately standing her ground.

But, as O'Donnell noted, none of the cases of self protection mentioned by the speakers for the gun lobby, used assault weapons.  And Senator Lindsay (Don' I look like a silver haired Reagan) Graham, if mama ran out of bullets after 6, couldn't she just grab another cartridge and stick it in? Yes,  and she could go to the gun range all she wants and practice reloading until it's as easy as breathing.

Ms. McKinley even acknowledge herself she doesn't need an assault weapon.   Her story is here.

Picture at top used via Creative Commons License Attribution (CC by 2.0) thanks to Flickr user Chiara Marra who has no connection to this blog or blogger.  BTW, the sub-title under the picture of the pillars was mostly used to give me an excuse to put the picture of those gorgeous structures at the top of this post.