Friday, February 8, 2013

GOP Wants Austerity, Except for Tanks, Tanks, Tanks

Tanks for jobs?  Actually those tanks could be put to use in invading Iran.  After all Iran's military is basically 10 times as strong as Iraq's was in 2003, if you ignore the fact that Iran has a real air force, and chemical and biological weapons.  In addition, you may remember that what we needed to do in Iraq (and did partially successfully) was to turn over the nation to the majority population group.  In Iran the end goal is to turn it over to a minority group that wants serve the interest of outsiders; specifically the US and our closest ally. 

No wonder Senator Hagel says that we would have to find 100,000 soldiers to do it.   There are millions in the military, so I don't think that's what he was talking about.  He meant we would have to find 100k more American to replace those that would die in our grand adventure to "free" Iran. (Thank goodness they've already prepared us for a Universal Draft).

Of course that sounds ridiculous now, but just put a Republican in the White House, and it will no longer be unthinkable,  No wonder the GOP wants more tanks, especially when military equipment is often made by companies with a large contingent of GOP donors, and others of their donors would love to take advantage of a privatized oil structure.  Iranian oil is said to produce more gallons of fuel per barrel.  In our world that's enough for some people to start talking about regime change.