Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy Oakland: Michael Moore to visit

Oakland; Where the Demographics meet the road.
What the hell is up with Oakland?, I'm sure you're saying. Why do they get all the attention?
I'm here to tell you they've earned it and Michael Moore's visit, Keith Olbermann's attention.  Oakland was the home city of Oscar Grant, who was killed by a BART cop years ago. 

At every major turning point in the trial and ultimate release of the cop who, murdered Mr. Grant, Oakland erupted.

The authorities assured us that the demonstrators were hippies and gang members each time and the news media at the Bay Area News Group (BANG) duly reported the same, and America accepted! that judgement.

This time I don't what ethicity Scott Olsen is and hopefully Americans don't know or care. This guy is a war veteran who went through Hell for our sake. We need to support him against a horrific police department and a corrupt mayor who only  won a "second place" election over more substantial and,, accomplished candidates.