Thursday, May 28, 2015

Just a Quick Look Around Will Show Why Texas Is repeating It's Real Life Disaster Movie In the Face of Heavy Rains

The mind wanders to why Texas has repeated flooding problems and occasional massive flooding disasters.  After all, the storm moving through isn't Katrina and Texas isn't partially below sea level like areas of New Orleans.

I was wondering if anyone else noted that maybe this years tragedy didn't have to happen. Besides a damn breaking (yes, LA had a big dam break but that was the dark ages of 1963, surely dam construction has advanced quite a bit since..) drainage is certainly not what it should be.

But as reported by CityLab from The Atlantic a mainstream source, Texas won't spend the money to make their state safer.

Even after deadly floods in 1981.

Why doesn't Texas spend more to keep it's residents and citizens safe.

It basically collects taxes on the backs of the lowest earning workers. (Make no mistake that most non-citizen are contributing to the tax base.)  But higher earners are not carrying their fair share of taxation load.

This is freedom?  It's as if the pilgrims and pioneers took poor people from cities and hooked them unwillingly to pull their wagons.

It's a form of slavery in fact.

Now it's killing folks because poor people can never make up for what the wealthy who make money off the work of the less powerful, won't pay their fair share in taxes as long as they can buy off state legislators, and spam airwaves to maintain their lower tax privilege.

Next time your GOP neighbor talks about low taxes creating prosperity, ask him or her "for whom?" and "How can you enjoy any prosperity when your life is tossed upside down or even ended by poor infrastructure spending?"