Saturday, May 16, 2015

Was The Pennsylvania Crash of #Amtrak188 Set Up? Projectiles Shot at It and Two Other Trains Using Tracks in Same Area Just Before Crash

It has been established that the front windshield of the train running the Amtrak 188 has the typical break pattern found when projected objects hit glass at great force.

But the news was released yesterday "two other trains were hit by projectiles along the same line" (1) in the minutes before the deadly derailment.

Someone was apparently deliberately hoping to disturb a train. 

Who would do such a thing.

Okay, I had my Ayn Rand period (lasted less than half a year) enticed by her strong female characters.

In Atlas Shrugged a major train tragedy caused (caution: snark ensuing) wonderful and dynamic female industrialist woman who at one time had been running the family railroad while pretending her brother was the miracle working boss to come down from a mountain hideaway where the "Atlasses" (really big rich and powerful industry runners had hidden to show the world we couldn't do without them) and reclaim her legacy.

So we do well to remember that railroad funding in the GOP controlled House was to be voted on the next day.  Was someone hoping that the GOP would wrench the railroads from the American people and hand it to the "makers" (or in reality the frakking oil extracting & money from the middle & working class mining great gods we have in their place today)?

I do not ask this question lightly.  I do it because the last thing the US media or investigators will do (Basil Fawlty is in my brain saying "Don't Mention the Guns!") is get to the bottom of the "projectiles" question.

Plus, there's the curious question of the right wing clown Chuck C Johnson getting a dump of info on what he claims is the Amtrak engineers' sexual inclination (complete with dick pics) and using it to say the man's lifestyle caused the the killer crash. No kidding.

Projectiles.  Now what throws a projectile with the speed and force that could at least leave a shatter pattern in a tough train window? Hmmm

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