Saturday, June 11, 2011

Democrats may win more House seats after new CA redistricting. Latinos protest.

Analysis of  preliminary redistricting plan by expert seems to show a gain of eight seats for Democrats in the US House of Representatives, though no increase in state legislative bodies. Latino groups decry lack of likely increase in their power to match their increased population.
My take on this is that this is not the CA version of Texas gerrymandering of their districts.
First: This is a normal redistricting time.
Second: The special commission created to do the job is made up of 5 Democrats, 5 Republicans, and the rest of different persuasions.  After being in other parties (P&F, Green), I think I can safely say the word "Democrats" is usually spat out as if it were obscene, so there is no love for them from other liberals in the state.  I expect the GOP to lie& about it though.                   
From the mobile edition of the Contra Costa Times: