Monday, June 16, 2014

Video: Ben Jealous: The South Needs Help Registering Minority Voters. Cash Spent on Registration Drives Could Turn Red States Blue.

Considering the amounts spent making and buying air time for shot in the dark political ads, investing in registering the large numbers of minorities and young people that are unregistered in the region could be a better investment.

Hey, Democratic Party! Are you listening?

For that matter where are our philanthropist Tech Billionaires?

Isn't democracy in the US a good idea, Techies?  Isn't that as important or more important than tax breaks?

We should  fix the voter registration ratio in just a few states -- at least -- this year, and then work on the rest for 2016.

California worked on making voting districts more equitable and was rewarded with better participation and government since the end of the Schwarzenegger administration.

But if Southerns states are discouraging the registration of most of their voting eleigible citizens, they don't have real democracy at all.

Without democracy we can't stop the warmongers from starting nasty invasive wars using our young people to kill folks in other nations.

That should concern every American family.