Thursday, June 12, 2014

Another State To Dismantle Women's Reproductive Rights. Who Will Stand With Us?

The beautiful scene above is of some rescued spoonbills just months after the massive BP blowout in the Gulf of Mexico. As each red state trounces on women's rights people just seem to mutter or even ignore and pretty soon the disaster of thousands of dead birds (and greatly harmed women's lives) is basically invisible and everyone can go back to watching their shows,or whatever.  Nothing to see see here, folks.  Move along.

Louisiana is set to go the way of Texas and  Mississippi and cripple the availability of abortion either surgical or medical with onerous laws. Mississippi gained a reprieve from the courts, but a TX court refused to stay the order.  Both cases are still in litigation, but unwanted babies have been born in TX and that's the difference.

In further irony a female Democratic state representative introduced the bill into the State House proving that money and power are more important to way too many legislators.
Excerpt  Times-Picayune Bobby Jindal to sign anti-abortion bill

House Bill 388, sponsored by Rep. Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe, proposes a new law adding requirements of abortion doctors that clinic administrators say will force them out of business because of the unlikeliness they will be able to comply.
House Bill 305, sponsored by Rep. Frank Hoffman, R-West Monroe, would prohibit abortion providers or their affiliates to instruct or distribute information on health related issues, such as sex eduction, at public or charter schools.
A lawyer for the clinics has indicated administrators will likely file a joint suit challenging the new law. It's unclear if the court would grant the clinics an injunction, allowing them to keep their doors open, while litigation pends.
Jackson's legislation is modeled off of a Texas law placing further restrictions on abortion doctors by requiring them to obtain hospital admittance privileges from a facility within a 30 miles radius. Difficulty obtaining the privileges has contributed, since the law's adoption, to the closure of at least 19 of the 33 abortion clinics in Texas. A similar law adopted in Mississippi threatens the state's only clinic in Jackson. The Jackson clinic was granted an injuction (sic) to stay open while litigation pends, while the Texas clinics were not. 
As I mentioned before, after women stood with the gay community to get at least Arizona to stop it's crazy laws allowing discrimination against same sex couples.  So everyone should stand with us but I'm not seeing that..

Maybe it's women's self dismissive attitudes and our polite way of asking for little or any help.

Maybe our advocates in Liberal media really aren't as into us.   But I think it's a bit of both.

Women we need to stand up for our sisters and ourselves.

We need to boycott the states in which women's reproductive rights are being dismissed.

Just like the liberal community warmed it would do to Arizona.

We need to win to maintain our entire system of political rights and those of our daughters and our sons.  If we are turned into baby factories it just gives our neocons more incentive to start wars, and long before the forced children can be used for slaughter, the GOP has plans to install a universal draft to feed the maw of the war machine.  So young men and single women are at risk from the attitudes that people should be controlled as our sisters we are abandoning to the tender mercies of red state initiatives.

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