Friday, March 1, 2013

Video: Justice Scalia Isn't the Only Member of the Supreme Court to Worry About In The Recent Case Against the Voting Rights Act

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Justice Kennedy also made a worrisome comment about it this week, and Roberts has a history of fighting the VRA with the Reagan administration.*  The auspices of the VRA helped stop onerous late approved extreme voter ID laws from being enacted for last year's election. Unfortunately though, the Court has not dealt with the Gerrymandering in state and US House districts at all, which is also disenfranchising minorities as it disenfranchises the actual majority of the US voting public. This Supreme Court would not be in session though, but through a vote theft in 2000 abetted by the most successful 3rd party presidential campaign in many decades without which the George W Bush machine could not have stolen the Florida delegates. 

Unfortunately, there are still money and power seekers out there pushing the 3rd party gambit which has proven to hurt the ability of ordinary citizens to protect our power and therefore our rights to the Social Security benefits that this blog showed each citizen or married couple earns and to ensure that the wealthy who actually use the most resources in the nation pay for their ability to make money off them.

*And who doubts that Alito and Thomas won't do what right wing billionaires want them to do, since they owe their seats to them?  The whole idea of hiring  Supremes Court Justices for life was to preclude Justices from pandering to big money, but that decision was made in the times when wives didn't work.  Thomas's wife for one appears to have been aggressively active in conservative causes that often come with a paycheck. Beyond that though. in 2000, at least two children of different conservative members of the Supreme court were offered very well paying jobs in a possible Bush administration before SCOTUS decided to hand the nation to the Republicans.

This is less than barely legal, but should show us what depths billionaire gaming of our nation is possible.

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