Sunday, September 23, 2012

Is Business Manipulating the Economy to Get Romney Installed as President?

We've heard a lot about how the House of Representatives, after The GOP gained control in January 2011, put the kabosh on programs that would create new jobs, which is what we need during this downturn, and would cost less during a downturn so would be anti-inflationary.  But the GOP has blocked them in the House and through the filibuster in the Senate.  (Just last week the GOP filibustered to block a jobs program for veterans of our latest wars in a cruel and useless charade that could only serve to hurt vets, couldn't even boost the economy before the election.  They just did it to inflict more damage on someone so they might start thinking that letting fat cats walk away with more from the US Treasury, which is what Romney wants to do, might just help a tiny bit, though it in fact won't and will hurt many families through the resultant inflation.

But beyond the lay offs forced by Republican controlled state legislatures and the US Congress refusing to create new jobs even for what we need people to do:  Could it be that businesses themselves are working to make things harder for Americans so they can get Romney elected and their big bosses can get those lovely tax cuts for fat cats?

Now tax cuts for fat cats cause inflation for the rest of us, and often we also see  our wages go down when compared to the inflationary pressure.  The government is in control of saying what inflation is, so often, as we saw under Bush 43 they just ignore half of inflation and stuff the ignored part into a number that makes the economy look like it's improving.  News basically, only goes on the numbers that the government supplies, though I don't doubt that if the Obama administration tried hiding inflation the right wing news system would be all over it and then news would have to deal with it.

 But rich people, like heads of businesses, they make out with supply side tax cuts like bandits, though if you look at the chart to the left, you'll see the orange showing the load we carry for those supply tax cuts that Bush installed outstrips even the debt from two wars (red) or even the effect of the economic crisis and recession that Bush left us with at the end of his term.  Still, well off people do well under supply side.  The do well without expanding business, without creating new jobs, because the government just dumps money into their pockets, our money.

So it's likely that most of the important business people in these United States would rather have Romney, and they are in a position to not import products so they don't need as many employees packing, shipping, recording transfers, managing communications, human resources etc. etc. etc.
And that makes Obama's employment numbers go down.

I've been looking for a simple hair clip, a cheap product that used to come 4 to a pack for about $4 for nine months.  They used to be a staple of the hair supply department and are very generic.  I need ones that lay nearly flat and securely fasten (not fold over) so I can pin my heair up under a gardening hat and know it will stay there.  Nine months, I haven't been able to find anything (not picky about color).  And I've noticed a lot of things people would want at reasonable prices that aren't being sold, with a bunch of crap stuck on shelves and racks like the stuff they couldn't sell 6 months ago.

I really think business itself is trying to game the election.  Too bad they are going to lose, and then they can start supplying goods the people want for a reasonable price or make way for businesses that will.  If they don't lose, it will be awful for the rest of us.  How long can we go on just dumping the US Treasury into the pockets of fat cats and us trying to deal with the inflation that follows.