Saturday, May 28, 2011

Starting Over

Since Blog-City will stop hosting private blogs (as opposed to business blogs which usually garner more money) at the end of this year,  I thought I'd better start working on a new one somewhere, say like here.  I may try Tumblr out too, but am somewhat satisfied with the higher number of columns blogger is offering now by template. 

It's nice I didn't have to remember, not so much how to create divisions, but to put the code into my new divisions so that gadgets can be inserted.  So it's been easier than the last time I created a blog here -- in 2006, I think.

Since June 2006 We've been working at .Common Sense at Blog-City  4,701,578 hits since January 1, 2007 so a few people know us. 

Follow us if you want and as we come round to work, we'll see that and follow you back.

First up  "Where's my pinstripe graphic?"  (I'm asking myself.)